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Review: Au/Ra Releases The Brand New Single “Stay Happy”!

Rising music sensation Au/Ra has released the emotional new single titled “Stay Happy”!

Following on from the recently acclaimed tracks “Dance In The Dark” & “Medicine”, Au/Ra has released the heartfelt new single “Stay Happy” that focuses on the pressures we face to put on a fake smile, instead of trying to find our real one. 

The lyrics include many references that I believe we can all relate with in one way or another, which help’s you to feel a more emotional connection to the song itself.

Some of my favourite lyrics from this track include “We hate to think about the good times that we missed out on while staying in. I’m so tired of all the overthinking. Tired of the self-doubt, I’m wondering”.  

The backing track features a soulful energy that brings out the expressive nature behind this gifted artist’s voice & allows her the chance to deliver an emotive performance.

Overall, I believe that Au/Ra has delivered another incredible piece of music that highlights the heartfelt passion that she possesses, alongside showcasing her creative & memorable musical talent. 

You can check out “Stay Happy” on Spotify below. 

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