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Review: Annie Sollange & EQRIC Join Forces For “About You”!

Upcoming music sensation Annie Sollange has released the official video for the catchy single “About You”, alongside DJ/producer EQRIC.

A revenge song turned into anti-dating app anthem, “About You” is an uptempo number that highlights the sassy energy behind Annie’s unique musical style.

This single reflects the enchanting & alluring quality behind Annie’s musical talent & gives her the chance to deliver an energetic vocal performance that will have you dancing along in no time!

Directed by Lara Aslanian, the official video is a technicoloured dream that highlights the distinctive musical energy that this artist possesses, which instantly draws focus to the spirit behind the song itself.

The way that Annie & EQRIC have joined forces to create a musical piece that reflects both of their distinctive styles, while combining the two to deliver an energetic track that you instantly fall in love with, is a statement to the talent that both of these artists possess.

You can check out the official video below.

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