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Review: Lydia Halloway Releases The Brand New Single “Lights Go Out”!

Rising music sensation Lydia Halloway has released her brand new single titled “Lights Go Out”!

This latest release focuses on Lydia comfortably asserting her authority of knowing that her ex-lover is still thinking about her. However, we soon learn that the confidence expressed throughout the song is a way for Lydia to reassure her bruised ego, as her ex is moving on without her.

The song highlights the vulnerability behind Lydia’s musical style, which helps to showcase the emotive energy behind this artist’s incredible vocals.

The raw energy behind the lyrics help’s this talented artist to express the soulful energy behind her music, which help’s listeners to engage more with the music, along with the artist herself.

I believe that this single help’s Lydia continue to build a solid foundation for a bright & passionate musical career that has the potential to reach great heights within the music scene.

You can check out “Lights Go Out” on Spotify below.

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