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Review: Sarah Jeffery Deliver’s A Dynamic Performance In “Queen Of Mean”!

Photo: Sarah Jeffery “Queen Of Mean” YouTube Video.

Not long ago, the release of the third instalment of the Descendants franchise hit our screens, & brought along with it a musical gem that has made huge waves since it’s release!

The song in question is “Queen Of Mean”, written & produced by Tim James, Antonina Armato, Tom Sturges & Adam Schmalholz, & was performed by Sarah Jeffery, who plays Sleeping Beauty’s daughter Audrey in the franchise.

This song focuses on Audrey giving into an evil side she never thought she had after feeling that everything she had in life was taken away from her by Mal (can you blame her?).

There is a captivating quality behind the song that showcases the enchanting energy behind Sarah’s powerful voice, & gives her the chance to display a dazzling performance that perfectly captures the emotions of the character.

The build of the song fully comprehends the hurt & anger that Audrey is feeling at the time, & captures your full attention from the very first listen.

A little warning. This song is highly addictive, so if you have not listened to it yet then be aware that when you do, there is a strong chance you will be listening to it on repeat for a while to come.

You can check out the video for “Queen Of Mean” below.

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