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Review: Hannah Stewart Releases The Brand New Single “Glaze”!

California-native electro-pop musician Hannah Stewart has released her brand new single titled “Glaze”!

Speaking about her latest release, Hannah said “I wrote ‘Glaze’ as a response and explanation. It’s me saying I’m okay, I’m not sad or mad or anything, it’s just all a bit too much for me in that moment so I’m taking a step back… or inward, rather.”

She continued “I think anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by situations they can’t just dip out of can relate. If you have to stick it out, sometimes you just sort of let reality glaze over and retreat into yourself. And that’s okay. With me at least.”

This latest release highlights the charismatic energy surrounding Hannah’s unique & distinctive voice, which perfectly symbolises the creative nature behind this talented artist.

The alluring quality featured within the melody of the song perfectly highlights the intriguing factor behind Hannah’s individual musical style & gives you a chance of seeing the artist behind the music.

You can check out “Glaze” on Spotify below.

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