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Review: Elizsabeth Releases The Stunning New Single “I Choose Myself”!

Rising London-based musical sensation Elizsabeth has recently released the brand new empowering single “I Choose Myself”!

Speaking about her release. Elizsabeth said, “The song is about regaining back our power after giving it away for so long and in doing that finding a freedom we didn’t realise we were missing”.

This single beautifully highlights the pure & soulful elements behind this artist’s delicate voice, which help’s her to display a moving performance that will pull at your heartstrings.

The loving energy that this talented artist delivers throughout this song is a true statement to the creative & passionate gift that she possesses.

This beautiful ballad features an admiring quality that is presented in a loving manner that showcases the angelic essence behind this artist’s vocals.

I believe that Elizsabeth has an incredible gift that has the power to allure your attention from the very first listen. With a talent like this, there is no telling what this artist is capable of.

You can check out “I Choose Myself” on Spotify below.

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