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Review: Launa Releases The Brand New Single “Thinkin'”!

Upcoming Welsh pop sensation Launa has released her brand new single “Thinkin”!

This latest release focuses on learning to move on from a former flame who broke your heart, who now wants you to forget about everything they did & start fresh.

This retro-pop inspired track features a catchy hypnotic hook, which gives Launa the chance of displaying a dazzling performance that showcases this talented artist’s alluring vocals.

The song highlights the distinctive energy that surrounds Launa’s vocals & gives the chance to display an outstanding musical performance.

I believe that Launa has a musical gift that has the power to inspire & influence anyone who listen’s to her music, & it won’t be long before we see this artist heading straight to the top of the charts!

You can check out “Thinkin” on Spotify below.

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