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Review: Taylor Swift Releases The Heartfelt New Song “The Archer”!

With less than a month to go until the release of her brand new album, Taylor Swift has dropped the new heartfelt promotional single “The Archer”!

The talented singer-songwriter has been building up to the release of her seventh studio album ‘Lover’, by delivering the two worldwide hits “ME!” (featuring Brendon Urie) & “You Need To Calm Down”.

Now Taylor has released the emotional new track “The Archer”- written alongside Jack Antonoff – which gives us a chance to see a more vulnerable side behind the artist compared to the previous two songs released.

Accompanied by an 80s style backing track, & an accolade to Humpy Dumpty (Every good song should in my opinion), this mid-tempo song focuses on the struggles we face with self-love & approval from those around us.

The song features a variety of lyrics that perfectly highlight the emotions we feel when the self-doubt comes are way & how we start to question why anyone would want to stick around.

Taylor’s vocals create a dramatic, yet warm feel that help to display the passionate energy that features within the lyrics, & gives this artist a chance to show the creative nature that she possesses.

I believe that Taylor has delivered another incredible song that perfectly symbolises the theme behind the upcoming album while giving us a chance to get to see more from the artist behind the music.

You can check out the lyric video for “The Archer” below.

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