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Review: Au/Ra Releases Two Brand New Singles In The Form Of “Dance In The Dark” & “Medicine”!

Rising music sensation Au/Ra has treated us to the release of not just one, but two brand new singles in the form of “Dance In The Dark” & “Medicine”!

This upcoming music sensation has been delivering a string of electropop inspired tracks that talk about a variety of issues that many of us face on a daily basis, & these brand new tracks are no exception.

The first single “Dance In The Dark” speaks about growing up & the fears that unfortunately come with it, which can lead us to want to hide away from all of our fears & never face them. Au/Ra however, brings a sense of wisdom about how everyone has their own fears & doubts, but learning to control them could become one of our biggest strengths.

This track features a hypnotic & enchanting beat that builds into a disco style chorus that perfectly symbolises the sense of power you feel when you overcome the things that you fear most.

The second song “Medicine” features a change of pace in the form of an emotive ballad that will pull at your heartstrings.

This single focuses on the pain you experience when the person you trusted the most break’s that trust & leaves you feeling hollow & in a state of disbelief.

The song also discusses how that person will keep saying the things that you want to hear so they can get back into your life & do the same thing all over again. However, this time you are ready to move on from them & want to find a different cure of healing this pain instead of their words.

The pure emotive energy behind this single perfectly describes the hurt & heartbreak you experience when you are feeling betrayed & used, which captivates your full attention & will leave you feeling lost within the music from the first time that you hear it.

I believe that both of these singles highlight the passionate & emotive energy that features within Au/Ra incredible voice & showcases her creativity as an artist, which help’s you to build an instant connection with the songs themselves while getting to see the artist behind the music.

You can check out “Dance In The Dark ” & “Medicine” on Spotify below.

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