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Review: Julia Westlin Releases The Brand New Single “Fall For You”!

Photo: Julia Westlin “Fall For You” Official Video.

Singer/songwriter Julia Westlin has released the official video for her latest single “Fall For You”!

Composed & written by Julia herself, this single focuses on falling in love with someone who is drifting away from you & wanting to do anything to keep them in your life.

This song highlights the sheer elegance that features within Julia’s voice & gives the emotive passion behind her vocals a chance to take centre stage.

The heartfelt lyrics are a solid foundation that have given Julia the chance to express her true emotions through this incredible piece of music.

I have a feeling that this latest release would be a perfect feature on a soundtrack for a romatic film or TV series as it features all the elements of a heartfelt story that captures your full attention & draws you into the emotive nature behind the song.

You can check out the official video for “Fall For You” below.

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