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Review: Hildur Höglind Releases The Brand New EP ‘Take Off’!

Swedish singer/songwriter Hildur Höglind has been building up to the release of her brand new EP ‘Take Off’ & now the wait is finally over!

This latest EP features 5-songs that highlight Hildur’s individuality as an artist & gives the emotive texture’s behind her voice the chance to take centre stage during each musical number.

Each song features something different from the last & explores the under layers behind Hildur’s unique & passionate voice, which help’s you to build a natural connection between yourself & the emotional aspects behind each of these incredible tracks.

I feel that each song features something personal for Hildur, which help’s this talented artist to build on the emotive texture that was intended to shine through within each individual track.

Overall, I believe that Hildur has delivered an incredible EP that showcases her versatility as an artist while staying loyal to the musical style that we have come to love from this artist in recent times.
Each track has given Hildur the opportunity to create a captivating connection that help’s you to see her creativity as an artist & showcase the soulful nature behind her vocals.
This is one EP that I would highly recommend listening too!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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