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Review: Gabriella Releases Her Brand New Single “Gold”!

Photo: Gabriella Facebook Official.

Rising music sensation Gabriella Azzopardi has released her brand new debut single “Gold”!

With video production by Matthew James Borg & Jean Pierre Gatt, & music production by Luke Grech at Corner House Studios, “Gold” is Gabriella’s musical debut to the world & this is a song that you will want to be checking out.

This single has given Gabriella a chance to showcase the angelic quality behind her unique & tender voice, by displaying an enchanting performance for the entire duration of this latest release.

There is something about Gabriella’s voice that brings the emotive nature behind the lyrics to life & brings an automatic connection between her voice & the listeners of the song.

This is a solid foundation for Gabriella to build a strong & heartfelt musical career on & I believe that there is no telling how far this talented artist’s musical gift can take her in the future.

You can check out the official video for “Gold” below.

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