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Review: Abby Inez Releases The Brand New Single “Bridges”!

Rising music sensation Abby Inez has released a brand new heartfelt country ballad titled “Bridges” that is set to pull on your heartstrings.

This latest release focuses on the emotions that you experience when someone you loved deeply leaves you with a broken heart & the personal journey you undertake to rebuild yourself after the heartbreak.

For me, this single highlights the soft angelic tone that Abby’s vocals possess & gives her voice the chance to showcase the captivating quality that help’s her to deliver the raw emotive message behind the lyrics.

There is a soft-soothing tone that features within Abby’s voice for the full duration of this single that help’s to capture the heartfelt meaning that I believe Abby intended to deliver with this latest release.

After listening to this single, I believe that we could be seeing a future superstar in the making & can’t wait to see what the future hold’s for this incredibly talented artist!

You can check out “Bridges” on Spotify below.

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