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Review: Four Of Diamonds Release Their Brand New Single “Walk Away”!

Upcoming music sensations Four Of Diamonds have released their brand new single titled “Walk Away”!

This latest single focuses on walking away from someone you care for & would do anything to please, but they don’t feel the same about you & will use your feelings against you.

I feel that this single highlights the raw emotive texture that features within each of these talented ladies incredible vocals & gives them the chance to deliver a heartfelt performance for the full duration of this single.

The way that this incredible group combines their voices to create an epic performance throughout their music is a musical gift to be admired.

There is something very special about this group that instantly captures your full attention while listening to their music & that is a quality that will see these talented artists heading to the top of the charts within the near future. This is one group that you should be keeping an eye on!

You can check out “Walk Away” on Spotify below.

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