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Review: Kassidy Lynne Releases The Brand New Single “Til Then”!

Country singer/songwriter Kassidy Lynne has released the brand new single “Til Then”!

Kassidy’s latest release focuses on living in the moment with the people around you, because there will come a time when you will all be heading your own seperate ways. Until then however, you will enjoy every moment that you have together.

This song features a heartfelt message that all of us can relate with in one way or another, which help’s to build a genuine connection from the very first listen.

The way that Kassidy use’s the purity behind her vocals to build on the emotive elements behind the lyrics gives you a real sense of the artist behind the music.

I feel that the lyrics carry a feel-good vibe about living in the hear & now while leaving you with a sense of curiosity about what the future might have in store for you & the people in your life.

You can check out “Til Then” on Spotify below.

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