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Review: Sergiu Bolotă Releases The Brand New Single “Umbre”!

Pop & rock singer/songwriter Sergiu Bolota has released the brand new single “Umbre”!

Sergiu explained “This song speaks about addictions & consequences. Given that the addictions come in different forms & shapes, some are obvious, some are subtle. I decided to write something about it in a more artistic way”.

The song carries across an emotive message that can connect with us intensely from the very first listen.

The way that Sergiu has used the emotional undertone behind his voice to display a raw performance for the entire duration of this single, highlights the musical creativity that we have come to love from this talented artist.

I believe that Sergiu has continued to showcase the natural emotive passion that features within his musical style, which help’s you to build a genuine connection with the songs themselves. I don’t think it will be long before we see Sergiu taking on the global charts.

You can check out “Umbre” on Spotify below.

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