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Review: Wild Fire Release Their Brand New EP ‘Been There’!

Country music sensation’s in the form of sister duo Wild Fire have released their brand new EP titled ‘Been There’!

This latest 6-track EP has given Kayla & Kelli the opportunity to showcase the versatility that features within their musical style & deliver a variety of songs that help you to connect with the artists behind the music.

The first song “Been There Dumped That”, is based on reaching a breaking point with lying & cheating relationships, & anyone who looks to tick any of those boxes won’t be given that opportunity.

This single features a feel-good vibe that will have you dancing along from the first listen & perfectly showcases the fun & sassy elements behind this talented duo.

The second single “Gone In A Flash” focuses on falling for someone who suddenly leaves you as quickly as they arrived.

A mid-tempo ballad that gives both artists a chance to show the emotive texture that features deep within both of their angelic voices. One of my personal favourites to feature on this EP.

The third single “Flaunt” is focused on not wanting to be around someone who flaunts you around for their own personal gain, while behind closed doors they barely care for you at all.

Another mid-tempo number that highlights the power that both Kayla & Kelli vocals possess & adds something extra to the emotional nature that was portrayed during the previous track “Gone In A Flash”.

The fourth track “Billboard Sign” focuses on two people who have fallen in love with each other & make it very obvious to the people around them.

This single has given these two ladies an opportunity to show the raw natural elements behind their vocals & gives them the chance to deliver a stunning performance through the duration of this song.

The fifth song “Hold On To That” focuses on holding onto the people you care for the most & cherishing every moment that you have with them because one day they will just become a memory.

A slower pace ballad that has given the natural raw emotions behind their vocals the chance to take centre stage & deliver a dynamic sensation for the entire duration of this track.

The final song that features on this EP is “My Over You Song”, which focuses on moving on from someone who has caused you so much pain by writing a song that you know one day will become a smash hit.

A mid-tempo number that features a country-rock vibe that gives the fun & sassy elements behind their vocals another chance to take the lead within this EP, which alongside “Been There Dumped That” will have you dancing along in no time at all!

Overall, I believe that this latest EP from Wild Fire has delivered so much & more. From power ballads to mid-tempo country-rock tracks, there is definitely a song on here for everybody!

Each song has highlighted a different part of this talented duo’s harmonies & given us a chance to see the star quality that features deep within these talented artists. This is one EP that I would highly recommend checking out!

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