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Review: Michael McMillan Releases The Brand New Single “Tick The Box”!

Country singer/songwriter Michael McMillan has released his brand new single “Tick The Box”!

Michael’s latest release includes “A lively story about our 21st generation who expect to be rich & famous without any effort or talent. And a story about the people in the music business who will take your money, promise you the earth and deliver nothing!”

The song features an incredibly memorable hook that reflects the soulful nature behind his unique vocals & gives you an insight into the artist behind the song.

One thing that I really enjoyed through the duration of the song is the strong sense of personal emotion that creates a captivating connection from the first few listens.

I feel that Michael has captivating energy around his music that is brought to centre stage by his natural talent & reflects his creativity as a musician. Overall, a very solid release from this talented artist.

You can check out “Tick The Box” on Spotify below.

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