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Review: Hailey Miller Releases The Brand New Single “The One”!

Upcoming country music sensation Hailey Miller has released her debut single “The One”!

Hailey’s release focuses on when your first true love doesn’t work out & how you are able to learn in time that your first love will not be your last.

The song features a beautiful angelic tone that reflects the purity behind Hailey’s voice & gives the emotion behind her vocals the chance to take the lead through the duration of this track.

You can clearly tell that this song has a very important place inside Hailey’s heart as you feel an instant connection from the first time that you listen, which help’s you to connect with the song on a more personal level as you are able to see more from the artist behind the music.

Overall, I believe that this single has created a strong statement for Hailey’s musical career & paves the way for a very exciting musical journey. With a truly angelic voice like Hailey’s, there is no telling how far this artist will go in the future.

You can check out “The One” on Spotify below.

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