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Review: S!sters Release Their Inspiring Track “Sister”!

Carlotta Truman & Laurita Spinelli aka S!sters, have officialy released their inspiring single “Sister”!

This latest release focuses on a tale of two people who continue to try & bring each other down so they can eliminate the competition that is closest to them. However, in time they realise that they are their own biggest enemies & should hold onto the person nearest to them instead of trying to compete with them.

I feel that this song features a powerful message that we can all relate with in some way or another.

Carlotta & Laurita have a natural ability to combine their voices together & create a musical sensation that brings out the purity behind the lyrics is a true statement to this talented duo’s stunning musical abilities.

The way they have brought the raw emotion behind the lyrics of the song to life is a true statement for not only their vocals as a soloist but also their harmonies as a duo.

Overall, I believe that this talented duo has an exciting musical career ahead of them. I would strongly suggest giving them a listen!

You can check out “Sister” on Spotify below.

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