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Review: Maggie Baugh Releases Her Brand New Single “Fire Me Up”!

Country singer/songwriter Maggie Baugh has released her brand new single “Fire Me Up”!

Maggie’s latest release focuses on the burning desire you feel when you are around the person who excites you the most.

The catchy rock & country vibe behind this song has given Maggie a chance to showcase the natural power that features within her incredible voice.

The energy that she is able to deliver through her vocal performance on this track has also shown the pure musical gift that this talented artist possesses.

There is something about this song that captures your attention from the very first listen & will have you dancing & singing along in no time at all!

Overall, I believe that Maggie has an incredible musical talent that is full of raw passion & determination. The way she delivers the vocals on this track is a statement to the creative instinct that features within this artist’s musical talent.

I would not be surprised to see Maggie dominating the charts in the near future. A name I would recommend keeping an eye on!

You can check out “Fire Me Up” on Spotify below.

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