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Review: Aly Ryan Releases Catchy New Single “Wear Your Love”!

Indie musician Aly Ryan recently released her brand new single “Wear Your Love”!

Aly’s latest release features an insanly catchy chorus that will have you dancing along from the moment that you hear it & captures your attention instantly!

The mid-tempo track gives Aly a chance to show the sassy undertones behind her powerful voice, which perfectly brings the energy behind the song to life.

There is something about this song that makes you crave more after the first listen & you will not be surprised to see this song sneaking its way onto a constant repeat on your playlist (Don’t blame me when this happens!).

Overall, I 100% believe that this song is such a perfect match for Aly. The sassy & fun lyrics suits her voice beautifully & gives the passionate energy behind her vocal tone a chance to take centre stage. A song I highly recommend checking out!

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