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Review: Avalon Kali Releases Her Brand New Single “Looking Back On You”!

Country-pop singer/songwriter Avalon Kali has released her brand new single “Looking Back On You”!

Avalon’s latest single focuses on a relationship coming to an end even though there is still a lot of love left between the couple. They feel that even though they still care massivly for each other, there is something not quite right & although they know they will eventually feel happier this way, they will still look back at the happy memories of their relationship.

I feel that Avalon has a very angelic quality within her voice, which beautifully reflects the emotive story behind the lyrics & gives not only her voice a chance to shine but also gives us a chance to see the raw emotion that features deep within this talented artist.

I feel that this song is certainly a song that I could happily listen to on repeat for days. The story behind the song gives a chance to see that a relationship doesn’t always end because the love has run out, but that sometimes it can end because you love someone enough to set them free.

Avalon has such an incredible musical talent that showcases her natural ability to tell a story through her music & engage the listeners from the first few seconds of listening. This artist has a very exciting career ahead of her!

You can check out “Looking Back On You” on Spotify below.

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