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Review: Emily Taylor Adams Releases Her Brand New Single “Leave The Light On”!

Country singer Emily Taylor Adams has released her brand new single “Leave The Light On”!

Emily’s latest release focuses on the emotions you feel when you discover the person who you believe you will spend the rest of your life with (Aw cute!).

I love the way that Emily is able to carry accross the beauty behind the lyrics with her sweet vocal tone & create a pure connection between yourself & the song from the first few listen’s.

There is a certain quality about Emily’s voice, which is full of clear purity & passion that gives you an insight into the natural kind-hearted passion that features within this talented artist’s musical style.

Overall, I believe that this song is a perfect match for Emily as it has given her a chance to showcase the purity within her voice, while also portraying a personal aspect through the lyrics of the song. I would highly suggest giving this song a listen

You can check out “Leave The Light On” below.

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