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Review: Alexia Bosch Releases Her Brand New Single “Tango”!

Singer/songwriter Alexia Bosch has released her fiery brand new single “Tango”!

Is it to early to start planning my summer playlist? No? Good, because this song is definetly going to be heading up my summer playlist in 2019!

Alexia’s latest release focuses of the feeling you experience when you start to fall deeply in love with somebody & never want them to let you go.

This fiery new track gives a chance to showcase the sassy passion that features deep within this talented artist’s incredible voice & gives the passionate energy that is also featured within her voice a chance to bring the song to life!

The catchy melody accompanying this track will certainly have you dancing along from the very first time that you hear it (In my case badly that is…).

Overall, I believe that this single has all the makings of a future summer hit & could easily be heading up to the top of the charts in the very near future. This talented lady has a very bright future ahead of her!

You can check out “Tango” on Spotify below.

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