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Review: Hannah Trigwell Creates “4,3,2,1” Using Objects From Her Hotel Room!

Photo: Hannah Trigwell YouTube.

The very talented singer/songwriter Hannah Trigwell has revealed a new song titled “4,3,2,1”, which she has created by using objects located inside a hotel room!

The songs itself was inspired by a 4 hour flight to Greece, a couple arguing at the airport, and a few objects located inside Hannah’s hotel room.

I feel that this latest release from Hannah has shown the creative genius that features behind her incredible musical talent.

The versatility that this artist has constantly delivered, shows the passionate nature behind Hannah’s unique musical style & gives us a chance to get to know the artist behind the music.

I personally love the creative nature behind this track as I feel it adds more of a personal touch to the song itself. I think that is a going to be a song that you are not going to want to miss!

You can check out the song on YouTube below!

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