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Review: Mørland Releases Emotional New Single “En Livredd Mann”!

Singer/songwriter Mørland has released his emotional new single “En Livredd Mann”!

The emotion behind Mørland’s latest release is clearly shown through the duration of the track. From it’s emotive lyrics to the heart-touching melody that accompanies it. You can’t help but fall instantly in love with this

The spirit that this artist has managed to portray through this song, shows the creative & passionate nature that Mørland posses. You can’t help but feel emotionally invested with the song from the first time that you hear it & I know I will be listening to this for a while to come.

In my personal opinion, I believe that Mørland has a real natural talent that is clearly demonstrated throughout this latest release. With a clear story behind this song you just feel an automatic connection from a few moments of listening. A true lyrical gem!

You can check out “En Livredd Mann” on Spotify below.

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