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Review: Ariana Grande Releases Her Brand New Album “Thank U, Next”!

With so much anticipation behind the build-up for ‘Thank U, Next’, I have been not patiently waiting to hear what Ariana was going to be bringing us with her latest album & I think that it is safe to say that I am not disappointed!

This latest album release by Ariana mainly includes a track listing of pop & R&B inspired songs, which is perfectly in key with the music that we have recently grown to love from this talented artist in recent times.

Many of the songs that feature on this album include a real personal connection to Ariana, which is reflected within the raw emotional passion that features through the duration of the tracks. One of the songs that include this deep emotional passion is “Ghostin”, which delivers a real haunting & sentimental impact from the first time that you hear it.

Although this album does feature a number of emotive tracks, there are also a number of songs that give Ariana a chance to showcase the sassy tone behind her voice. A number of these include “7 Rings” (Which I have already been keeping on repeat since it’s earlier release), “Fake Smile” & “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”.

Another point behind this album is the way that several of the songs can include a number of different meanings behind them from when you first listen to them & when you listen to them a number of times, or see the official videos (Here’s looking at you “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”!). The song in question features a very blunt message behind it when you first hear it, however when you watch the official video you see that Ariana has directed the song at essentially a boyfriend, asking him to break-up with her, so she can focus on herself.

Overall, I believe that this album has delivered a real impact in more ways than one. With Ariana’s personal connection behind a vast majority of the songs included on this album, you can’t but also feel drawn into the songs yourself & the way she seems to constently delivers such a variety ofcatchy songs that you just want to keep on repeat, is a real statement to the creative nature behind this talented artist. I would highly recommend this album to anyone right now!

You can check out the full album on Spotify below.

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