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Review: Anna Bergendahl Releases Brand New Single “Ashes To Ashes”!

Country/pop singer Anna Bergendahl has released her brand new single titled “Ashes To Ashes”!

In her latest release, Anna fuses a combination of pop & country to create a truly captivating song that will have you wanting to listen to it for days.

The way that Anna has used the warmth & passion that features within her voice to create such an authentic connection between herself & the lyrics behind the song. is a true statement to her incredible talent.

Overall, I believe that this song shows the real identity behind not only Anna’s distinctive musical style, but also Anna herself. The story behind her music is so pure that you find yourself being drawn into this song from the first time that you hear it. Definetly a song that I would suggest checking out.

You can listen to “Ashes To Ashes” below.

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