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Review: Holly Tandy Vocals Shine On Country Version Of “Bigger Than Us”!

Photo: BBC

Former X Factor UK contestant Holly Tandy has released her version of “Bigger Than Us” in the hope of representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Holly’s version features a modern country vibe, which in my opinion, helps to elevate the emotional elements of her pure vocal tone.

I believe that this song really showcases the raw texture of Holly’s angelic voice, which creates a geniune connection between the listeners & the lyrics.

Overall, I believe that song is a perfect match for Holly & gives her a chance to showcase her natural musical talent. I also feel that this song also gives a chance for us to see what way Holly plans to continue with her musical style & I just know that Holly has a very bright musical career ahead of her.

Check out Holly’s version of “Bigger Than Us” below.

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