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Review: Sara McLoud Releases Brand New Cover “Radio”!

Photo: Sara McLoud Homepage.

Musician Sara McLoud, has uploaded a brand new cover of Busted’s latest single “Radio”!

Sara has returned from a break away from uploading new music & boy is she back!

I feel that Sara has put her own spin on this catchy song, which has also given her a chance to bring out the delicate harmonies that feature within her voice.

I am always intrested in seeing what Sara will bring with her music. Either original or cover. She always seem’s to showcase her own individual musical styling, which helps to showcase the delicate texture of her vocals.

There is something about Sara’s music that just captivates your attention & engages you with the song. There is such an intresting musical career ahead of Sara & I believe the anyone in the world would be lucky to hear this talented musician’s voice.

You can check out Sara’s cover of “Radio” below.

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