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Review: ISA Releases Brand New Single “Craving”!

Swedish singer/songwriter ISA, has released her brand new single, which will be leaving you ‘craving’ more!

ISA’s latest release touches on the dilemma of falling for someone who you know is not right for you, so you face losing yourself to be with them.

I think that this song has all the makings of a future pop anthem. With it’s catchy beat, you can’t help but want to dance along from the first listen, however I think in my case, I might just leave the dancing to ISA.

This song helps to showcase ISA’s variety of talents. dance, production, singer. There is honestly no end to this talented artist’s creative gifts!

While listening to this song, you feel that you are listening to a complete superstar. I have listened to a variety of ISA’s songs over the years & I just know that it won’t be long before we see her go global.

You can check out “Craving” on Spotify below.

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