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Review: Lauren Jauregui Releases Brand New Single “More Than That”!

Lauren Jauregui has released her brand new single “More Than That” & you just know that this is going to become an instant pop hit!

Lauren’s latest release gives all the seductive vibes on this mid-tempo R&B song, which will intise you in with it’s very hypnotic melody.

The lyrics make a very strong statement about how Lauren ain’t playing. If you want to be with her, you better not play games (Well said Lauren!).

I feel that this song perfectly suits Lauren’s passionate & indapendant personality, so you feel yourself really connecting with the meaning behind the song & just find yourself listening to it on repeat (Not even sorry!).

This song also gives Lauren a chance to showcase her sassy vocals, which really bring out the story of the lyrics.

Overall, I believe that Lauren has released an instant pop classic, which is getting us even more excited for her solo debut album. I know I will be listening to this song for a long while to come (*adds to playlist*)!

You can check out “More Than That” on Spotify below.

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