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Review: Sarah Darling Releases Brand New Single “Call Me”!

Country artist Sarah Darling has released her brand new single titled “Call Me” in the build up for the release of her upcoming album ‘Wonderland’!

I feel that Sarah’s latest musical release really helps to showcase the powerful emotion that features deep within her angelic vocal tone. I find that I found myself having an automatic connection between the song & myself from the first time that I heard this song & all I want to do now is spend the rest of my evening curled up of the sofa listening to this song on repeat.

In my honest opinion, I feel that Sarah Darling has such a raw & pure musical talent that the entire world needs to hear. Her voice is truly incredible & the way she is always able to bring the meaning behind her singles to life, is a true statement to her incredible talent.

You can listen to “Call Me” on Spotify below!

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