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Review: Baylor Wilson Releases Brand New Single “Prayin’ For Rain”!

Prayin For Rain Baylor Wilson

Country singer Baylor Wilson has released her brand new single titled “Prayin’ For Rain”!

In her latest release, Baylor discusses an issue that we have all faced at some point in our lives.

We are all very quick at giving advice to somebody who we believe needs help in a situation, however, when it is ourselves who is being given some advice, we can sometimes just shake that advice off & go with what think is right instead.

The main point behind this song shows that we should reconsider throwing out that advice and listen to people who are of a non-bias perspective & one day we may end up thanking them for it.

I believe that song features such a hard-hitting message that you can’t help but connect with it in one way or another.

The way that Baylor has used the soft & emotional texture within her voice to bring out the full message behind the song is something to truly be admired. I would honestly recommend you giving this song a listen!

You can check out “Prayin’ For Rain” on Spotify below.

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