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Review: Kassidy Lynne Releases Incredible New Single “Diamond”!

Kassidy Lynne Diamond

Country-pop singer-songwriter Kassidy Lynne, has released her brand new catchy single “Diamond”!

I love how this song features a very positive message about how you should not let anyone bring you down or let them write the chapters of your story.  In the end we should be the only one’s who write our destiny & be who we really are.

I feel that song is a beautiful match for Kassidy’s angelic & emotional voice because I feel that she is able to create a pure connection between the emotional elements within her voice & the purity of the lyrics.

One thing that I love about Kassidy’s music is that she is able to use her unique vocal texture & create songs that bring out the amazing elements within her voice. I honestly know it won’t be long before we see this talented lady at the top of the charts!

You can check out “Diamond” on Spotify below.

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