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Review: Laura Ries Releases Her Debut Album ‘Daydreams’!

Laura Ries Daydreams

Singer-songwriter Laura Ries has released her brand new debut album titled ‘Daydreams’!

Laura’s debut album features 12 songs that take the listeners through the journey that she has faced as a young artist, as well as her own life experiences.

After listening to this album, I feel that I am listening to the birth of a future superstar in the making!

I love the way that every song takes you on a journey of Laura’s past experiences, as well as creating a gap for you to relate your own past & experiences to the stories behind each song.

Each track also gives Laura a chance to show a different side to her amazing & angelic voice, which you can’t help but fall in love with from the very first listen!

A few of my favourite tracks from this album include “Mountains”, “Just A Show”, “I’ll Wait For You”, “Glass Face”, “Wonderland”, & “Lies And Promises”, however I could easily listen to each track over & over again without any problem at all!

Overall, I believe that this album is going to become a solid foundation for Laura’s musical career. I feel that when I am listening to each track on this album that I just want to keep on listening to them over & over again. It honestly won’t be long before we see Laura taking the world charts by storm!

You can check out ‘Daydreams’ on Spotify below.

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