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Review: Maddison Krebs Releases Brand New Single “Real Real Thing”!

Maddison Krebs Real real thing

Country singer/songwriter Maddison Krebs, has released her brand new single titled “Real Real Thing”!

I will admit that I only discovered Maddison’s music yesterday, however I am now just questioning why have I only just discovered her music now!?

Maddison has such a unique element featured within her voice, which immedietly captures your attention from the moment that you hear it.

I feel that this latest single gives Maddison a golden opportunity to showcase her amazing vocals, along with her incredible musical style.

This song features such an incredibly cathy melody, and lyrics that make you want to sing along from a few seconds of hearing it. This is being added straight onto my 2018 playlist!

I honestly believe with my hand on my heart that Maddison has such an amazing musical career ahead of her. This is one artist that you should definitely be keeping an eye on!

You can check out “Real Real Thing” on Spotify below!

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