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Review: Brooklyn Roebuck Releases Brand New Single “Things That I Don’t Miss”!

Brooklyn Roebuck Things That I Wont Misss

Country musician Brooklyn Roebuck, has released her brand single “Things That I Don’t Miss”!

Don’t you just love that feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time and instantly fall in love with it? Well, that is exactly how I felt after listening to this catchy little number!

In her latest track, Brooklyn sings about being in a relationship with somebody who you believe to be your soulmate, however you soon discover they are not all that they seem & the relationship is over. You then realise all the things that you are actually not going to miss about them. So it’s not a total loss!

I feel that song is a perfect match for Brooklyn’s sassy voice & give’s you a very strong taste of her unique musical style. I think it is 100% safe to say that Brooklyn has a brand new fan on-board after this incredible new single!

One thing I have to say about Brooklyn is that when you listen to her music, you feel that you are listening to a superstar in the making. Her voice is simply incredible & you feel a strong sense of her personality shining through her music. You just know that this talented lady is going to go far!

You can check out “Things That I Don’t Miss” on Spotify below.

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