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Review: ISA Releases Brand New Single “Shy”!


Come on guys, ‘Don’t be shy’! Swedish Pop-R & B artist ISA, has released her brand new single titled & I believe this is one single that you are going to want to check out!

Okay, so I have been quite a huge ISA fan for a long time now, so I was really excited to see what her latest single had in-store for us, and it is without doubt safe to say that I have already fallen in love with it!

ISA’s latest single continues with her trademark Pop-R&B musical style, however like with most of her previous track’s, ISA still continue’s to bring something new & show a different side of her that we have not seen in previous songs.

I believe that ISA’s voice perfectly suit’s the backing track of the song, and really help’s to bring the lyrics to life.

I love how ISA continues to stay true to her musical style, which really help’s you to connect more with her music. You also get sense of her personality shinning through her songs, which again, make’s you feel more connected with her music as you feel you are getting to know the artist through her songs.

You can check out “Shy” on Spotify below.

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