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Review: Kelsey Lamb Releases Brand New Single “Only For The Summer”!

Kelsey Lamb Only for the summer

American singer/songwriter Kelsey Lamb, has released her brand new single “Only For The Summer”!

In her new single, Kelsey share’s a story & emotions of having a temporary summer romance.

For me, I love the purity that shine’s through within Kelsey’s angelic vocals. You can tell that this song has a great deal of meaning for Kelsey, and I feel that it is reflected through the emotional element that she deliver’s through the duration of the song.

I feel that this song shares another side of Kelsey that we have not seen before, and really gives us a chance to connect with her music on a new emotional level. I feel that she has a very pure music style, which has continued through her musical releases, and I just know for a fact that she has such an amazing musical career ahead of her.

You can check out “Only For The Summer” on Spotify below.

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