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Review: Emma White Showcases Incredible Emotion On Stunning Single “I Won’t”!

Emma White I Wont

After listening to Emma White’s recent release “I Won’t”, I have been left wondering to myself, how on earth have I only just discovered this incredible artist?

There is a sense of powerful emotion that captures your attention from the very listen. I feel that this song is filled with pure energy that is brought to life through Emma’s sweet & angelic voice.

There is something about the tone of this song that just capture’s your emotions within a few seconds of listening. I love the way that the emotional essence behind the lyrics, create’s a connection between you & the song.

I feel that this song has the power to not only connect with you on the studio version, but also that this song has the power to capture your attention with it’s captivating emotion during a live performance. This to me is the sign of a future superstar.

After listening to this song, I think it’s safe to say that Emma has such an amazing music career ahead of her. The way that she is able to use the emotional elements of her voice to bring the lyrics of this song to life, show’s she has such an incredible musical gift that so many people (including myself) will just fall in love with!

You can check out “I Won’t” on Spotify below!

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