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Review: Niki & Gabi Release Amazing Debut EP “Individual”!

Niki and Gabi Individual

Social media influncers Niki & Gabi, have recently released their debut EP titled “Individual”, which I had to admit has fallen into my 2018 playlist.

This 6-track EP, features 4 songs that Niki & Gabi team-up to perform together, along with 2 solo tracks from both of these talented ladies.

For me, I believe that this album is standing foundation of the type of artist that I believe that both Niki & Gabi want to become. I feel that this album includes a variety of songs that help to show different parts of their personalities, which help’s you to feel more connected with their music.

I love how Niki & Gabi’s harmonies work incredibly well together on every song that is featured within this album. You feel that there is a part in each & every song that both of them get to show the unique qualities, which feature in each of their voices.

On both of Niki & Gabi’s solo numbers, I feel that we get to see them for who they really are, while also showing what both of them strive for in their careers. For example, I feel that on Niki’s “Let It Roar” we get to see part’s of her passionate personality shine through by showing that she is more determined than ever to chase after her musical dreams, which to me is the telltale signs of truly passionate artist.

In Gabi’s case, I believe that her song “Flowers” gives us a chance to see Gabi’s sassy vocals in action, by bringing the raw & powerful energy from the lyrics to life. I feel that this song is such a perfect match for Gabi, and help’s to show what a determined young woman she really is.

Overall, I believe that this album is helping to show Niki & Gabi for the passionate & determined young woman that myself & many fan’s of these two have known all along. The songs that are featured on this album, help to show different parts of Niki & Gabi’s personalities, which help’s you to connect deep within their music.

I would say that if you are a fan of catchy pop songs, which you can just sing & dance along with from the very first listen, then this truly is the EP for you!

You can check out “Individual” on Spotify below.

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