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Review: Alyssa Trahan Releases Brand New Single “Leading The Pack”!

alyssa trahan leading the pack

Country singer/songwriter Alyssa Trahan has released her brand new power anthem single “Leading The Pack”!

For me, I believe this is such a perfect song for Alyssa. The lyrics really suits her fiery and passionate personality, and help her to bring out the determination that features within her stunning voice.

I love the strong and powerful message that features within the lyrics, and really feel a pure connection between myself and the song from the first few seconds of listening. I can honestly see myself playing this song on replay for a long while to come.

Overall, I believe that this song is such a perfect match for Alyssa, as I believe that this song creates a strong statement for her unique and passionate musical style. You just know that Alyssa has such a bright musical career ahead of her.

You can check out “Leading The Pack” on Spotify below.

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