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Review: Chris Lane Releases Brand New Album ‘Laps Around The Sun’!

chris lane laps around the sun album

Country singer/songwriter Chris Lane, has released his brand new 14-track studio album ‘Laps Around The Sun’!I have a confession to make. This is the first time that I have listened to Chris Lane (dun, dun, dun!), and now after listening to this album I have to ask myself one question. Why have I only discovered his music now?!

From the very first few seconds of listening to the first track that features on the album, “Take Back Home Girl”, I knew that I was going to love this album. The way that Chris and Tori’s vocals work together creates such a heart-warming connection between the pair, which you just find yourself feeling lost within the emotional connection of the song.

For me, I love the variety of tracks that feature on this album. You find that each song has a different story to tell, from a very heartfelt “I Don’t Know About You”, to the very tounge-in-cheek “New Phone, Who’s This”. There is definitely a song for everybody!

Some of my favourite tracks that are featured on this album include “Take Back Home Girl”, “I Don’t Know About You”, “Bad Girl”, “New Phone, Who’s This”, & “Without You”.

Earlier I stated how I loved the vocal connection between Chris and Tori, but there is more than on track on this album that Chris is able to create an emotional vocal connection, between himself, and another artist. On the track “Without You”, featuring Danielle Bradbery. I feel that Chris & Danielle are able to create a special spark between each other, which really helps to bring out the purity behind the lyrics. I believe that Chris is able to create a unique and pure connection with each person that he collaborates with, which to me is the sign of pure musical talent.

I honestly believe that there is a track for everybody on this album. With it’s feel-good vibe and up-beat selection of tracks, you will easily find a song that you can connect with.

Overall, I believe that this album gives Chris a fantastic opportunity to showcases his feel-good vibe musical style, while also showcasing his pure and crisp vocals. I think it is safe to say that I will be replaying this for quite a while to come, and I can easily see tis album taking the charts by storm!

You can check out ‘Laps Around The Sun’ on Spotify below.

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