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Review: Jade Vella Releases New Single “Walk The Talk”!

Jade walk the talk

The very talented Singer Jade Vella, has released her own version of the catchy song “Walk The Talk”!

For me, I believe that this song really suits Jade’s voice perfectly. I believe that the lyrics really help bring out the sassy and passionate energy behind Jade’s stunning voice and really helps you to feel lost within the catchy melody of the song.

I also have to give a shout out to Linda Persson, Ylva Persson & Roeland Ruijsch, who are the talented people behind this song, because I believe that they have been been able to connect such a catchy song, with such a passionate and inspiring artist.

Overall, I believe that is such a strong example of the type of artist that Jade would like to become. The way that her voice features on this track, really gives you a strong taste of the stunning vocals that she has. Jade really is a star in the making!

You can check out “Walk The Talk” on YouTube below.

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