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Review: Abi Releases Official Video For “A Day Without”!

Abi a day without

American singer Abi, has released the official video for her emotional single “A Day Without”.

I believe that the song features some incredibly passionate lyrics, which you can tell mean so much to Abi. The way that her in angelic voice is able to reflect the emotion featured within the lyrics, is something that should truly be admired.

The way that Abi is able to portray her energy into the lyrics of the song, is a true statement to the amazing talent they we all know that she has.

The official video is also a true reflection of the heart touching lyrics that feature with the song, and truly bring them to life within the story of the video.

I can see such an amazing career ahead of Abi, and I know that it will noly be a matter of time before we see her taking over the charts.

You can check out the official video “A Day Without You” below!

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