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Review: Calah Delaney Releases Brand New EP ‘Take A Chance On Me’!

calah delaney take a chance on me ep

Country musician Calah Delaney has released her brand new 6 track EP ‘Take A Chance On Me’.

For me, I believe that Calah has such a sweet & angelic voice, which is full of such emotion and passion that really gets a chance to showcase to the full on each song featured in this EP.

I love how every song that features on this EP helps show the different emotions that feature within Calah’s vocals, and really help you to connect with each song that you hear.

A few of my favourite tracks include her stunning version of “Jolene”, “Good Side Of Goodbye” and “Take A Chance On Me”.

I honestly believe that Calah Delaney is a future superstar in the making. With an emotional and passionate voice like this, there is honestly no limit to what she could achieve.

You can listen to the full EP on Spotify below.

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