6 Of My Favourite Country Songs From 2018 – So Far!

6 country songs 2018 so far

We are almost halfway through 2018 and so far we have had some real gems within the country music world. So I thought I would share with you guy’s, 6 of my favourite country songs from 2018 – so far!

Please note, this is just my personal opinion, and there is so many incredible songs from this year that I could have included. I know for a fact there is going to be a follow up list to this already.

I hope you enjoy!

Hailey Benedict – “Crazy”

After hearing this song, you will definitely be going ‘crazy’ for Hailey Benedict!

This song is very catchy, and will have you dancing along from the very first few listens. I also feel that this song really gives Hailey a chance to show her incredible musical talent.








Tenille Arts – “Moment Of Weakness”

Tenille has one of the most pure voices I have ever heard, and when you match it with a song like “Moment Of Weakness”, you are on for a true winner!

The song features such a pure emotional element, which captures the raw essence of Tenille’s angelic voice





Kaylee Rose – “Good Intentions”

I think I may have found a song that perfectly sums me up, and that song is “Good Intentions”.

This song features a range of catchy lyrics, which will have you singing along in no time at all. One song I would highly recommend!




Kaitlyn Baker – “Blackbird”

Kaitlyn has such a stunning voice, which she showcases beautifully in this single.

The song is full of such emotional lyrics, which you can tell have such a personal connection with Kaitlyn. Definitely a song I always love hearing.


Skye Claire – “Stupid Little Song”

Skye Claire has such an incredible voice that really draws you into the song, while you find yourself singing along to the incredibly catchy lyrics.

This is a song I would highly recommend!

Alex Stern – “Thinking About You”

Alex has one of the most unique and pure voices that I think I have ever heard. No matter what song of her’s that you hear, you are always in for a real treat!

For me, “Thinking About You” is a song that I can’t help but dance and sing along with every time that I listen to it.

This has to be one of my favourite songs for my 2018 playlist, so far!

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