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Review: Samantha Harvey’s Vocals Shine On Stunning New Track “Please”!

samantha harvey please

Wahoo! Samantha Harvey has released her newest single “Please”, and I am already falling madly in love with it!

The song features a range of very catchy and emotional lyrics, which really draw you in from the very first time that you listen. You can clearly tell how much passion there is within the lyrics, and I can almost gurantee you will be singing along in no time!

I also believe that this song really gives Samantha a chance to showcase her stunning vocals, and really gives you a taste of what a talented artist that she is.

This song, along with “Forgive Forget” really showcase Samantha’s musical talent, and I honestly can see such a huge career ahead of her. I would honestly recommend her music to anyone.

You can check out “Please” on Spotify below.

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